IHEPBox Service


IHEPBox provides synchronisation capabilities between a user machine (desktop PC, Currently the smart phone is not supported) and a central repository managed by IHEP Computing Center. In this initial phase it provides a functionality analogous to DropboxTM or similar system.

The synch and web access layers are based on OwnCloud (https://owncloud.org (link is external)).

Every user of the IHEP computer services has access to that (same username and password as for IHEP SSO). The initial quota has been set to 100 GB per user. Same conditions and limitations apply as for the other IHEP computing services.


The recommended Web browsers are:

Firefox 60+
Chrome 66+
Safari 10+
IE11+ (except Compatibility Mode)

The supported clients are:

    Mac (OSX 10.13+,64 bit) DOWNLOAD Mac客户端升级向导 DETAILS
    Windows (7 ,8 and 10) DOWNLOAD Windows客户端升级向导 DETAILS
    Android (2.0+, 3.0+, 4.0+) Coming Soon DETAILS